Sociologists have noted the growth of nationalist sentiment in Russia.

%title%JULIA SAVINARussians concerned about "defiance" of people of other nationalities, and not the threat of terrorism on their partSociologists state growth of nationalist sentiment in the country. According to the latest data of "Levada-Center", 46% of Russians in varying degrees, feel hostility towards people of other nationalities (in 2005 there were 38%). 45% of people admitted to feeling hostility on the part of representatives of other Nations (six years ago – also 38%).According to researchers, more than half of Russians (52%) believe that the Russians separating extreme nationalist views, for the last 5-6 years has become more. I wonder how to change the reasons why we have such mood. "Objectionable actions and behaviour of ethnic minorities" in the first place in 2005 put 22% of respondents, and now was 44 %. But fewer people began to consider the cause of nationalism "terrorist acts of recent years" (only 15% compared to 33% in 2005). Читать полностью -->

In Russia the revolution will be a mass Exodus

Foreign media talk about the impact on Russia of unrest that swept the Arab countries, and how likely here "Egyptian scenario". According to the American newspaper the Washington Post, "while disgruntled in the middle East staged demonstrations and demanded freedom, Russians for the most part kept my mouth shut. Instead of gathering on the streets, some are quietly packing their bags.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Top 5 articles Relevant section of the site Protestant Newspaper for October 2013

Why multiculturalism is incompatible with democracy25.10.2013 | 0 CommentsKirill RODIONOV recently, the controversy surrounding the admissibility of the presence of the hijab in the classroom became an important factor in the political life of the territories and regions in which it had never been a broad mission…Read more". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The extent, causes and directions of emigration of Russians has changed significantly

%title%Eugene Korytina, Olga GermelinaThe thought of emigration rarely arises in the minds of Russians, it follows from a survey conducted by VTSIOM. The possibility of check-out admit less than half of respondents, while 20 years ago to leave the country dreamed of four persons out of five. Fundamentally changed and the theater is now the immigrants more important than an escape, and finding new opportunities for growth.Russians often call themselves patriots, 80% more than 1,5 thousand respondents consider themselves as such. The figure of 80% was listed in the survey and 1991, however, totally in a different context, then that's the number of respondents expected to move to any other state for permanent residence. If the citizens of Russia and thinking about changing your citizenship, then first of all they are attracted passport Germany (13%) and USA (10%). This is fundamentally different from the picture of the 90s, when the top 10 countries for emigration was the head of the Scandinavian States."Then immigrants were attracted by the Scandinavian model specific socialism with their social security," explains senior researcher, Institute of demography, HSE Nikolai Mkrtchan. Читать полностью -->

The tale of two temples

Power selflessly to build temples. But here is what caused the first failure...Vladimir Morehow,According to the press, Moscow "Patriarchal" project "Temples walking distance" has stalled. They say "new broom sweeps in a new way", and Luzhkov's consent to the construction of the model 200 temples of the ROC MP in the residential districts of Moscow has not confirmed the new leadership of the city. Anyway, the ceremonial laying of the first temple series, scheduled at a festive gathering of people on national unity Day on November 4 in North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow, at the intersection of malachite and Bazhov, never took place...Perhaps this little revenge of the authorities for their active support of the Orthodox past of the mayor. Perhaps the aesthetic tastes of the new mayor was not satisfied with the typical temple-chromosome. For example, the campaign for the demolition of thousands of Moscow stalls was the first major venture of the new mayor. Читать полностью -->

In Europe from the frost killed 40 people, cars pull out of drifts tanks

%title%About 40 people died as a result of hitting the Europe of the cold weather and heavy snowfalls that have passed in the last few days. Most victims were in Poland and Switzerland. The storm paralyzed air and ground posts: canceled hundreds of flights, while motorists are in a snow traps without food and fuel, RIA Novosti reported.In Switzerland on Sunday went just two avalanches in Engelberg (Obwalden Canton) element covered 11 skiers, two were injured and sent to hospital, the other was not injured. Under an avalanche in the ski resort of Verbier (Valais) were both rescued, suffered only one of them, according to local broadcaster RTS.Fatal cases, mainly associated with hypothermia, recorded in Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. In Poland, where the temperature stays at minus 5-10 degrees, for the last four days were frozen to death 17 people. Mostly victims of the elements become homeless. Читать полностью -->

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